Everything You need to Know about Artificial Marble Slabs

Artificial Marble sheets for living room feature wall

Playing with marble sheets while remodeling your walls is always enjoyable, because of its classic and modern appeal. Considering Marbles as a home decor is an attractive way to transform your space as these large, exquisitely textured slabs really capture the eye and have a luxurious sentiment to it.

As pretty and fascinating real marble slabs look, getting these real marble finishes can break your bank! As these large gorgeous slabs are often expensive and sometimes even hard to get as you can end up paying a lot of the shipping and high installation rates. Particularly customized marble sheets are really pricey and getting these installed onto the walls can be challenging too because of its weight. Therefore, you might need to make some structural adaptations in order to install these in a vertical application, and these real marble slabs are often a challenge to install on high ceiling spaces.


What are Artificial Marble Sheets?


Artificial Marble Slabs in Living room

InterioMasters have come up with a solution, a perfect alternative to real marble which does not compromise the look and feel of real marble. Artificial Marble slabs are everything that a real marble slab is but it’s just artificial 🙂 InterioMasters’ artificial marble slabs come in 4 ft by 8 ft size sheets, 3mm thickness that are made out of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with UV-coated gloss marble finish on top which makes it a perfect substitute of real marble. This lightweight material is perfect for any vertical application and it is cost effective. 


Why is it a better option?


Artificial Marble sheets

These faux-marble sheets are substantially less expensive than real marble slabs and require little waiting. These affordable faux-marble sheets have practically all the characteristics of real marble slabs. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors which will go well with your interior. Artificial marble sheets are easy to maintain and have a high gloss appearance and require no structural change to the wall which is usually required in real marble slabs. Any space will look better thanks to these faux marble slabs.


Where can it be installed?


Artificial Marble sheets for fire place

Installing a hard stone marble is difficult because of its weight and requires the use of professional and experienced crew . However, installing artificial marble slabs is comparatively affordable and less hassle because these are lightweight yet don’t require large & heavy tools to cut them, and can be put onto the walls using a heavy duty glue. These slabs are easy to install on a variety of surfaces, including your fireplace, accent walls, kitchen backsplash, and bathrooms as these are waterproof and fire retardant. Faux-marble slabs are perfect for both residential and commercial applications. It’s low maintenance features make it a perfect option for commercial applications restaurants, coffee shops, office reception walls and much more.


Color & Design options

Artificial Marble sheets for living room accent wall

We consider decorating our walls with Marble because it is one of the most elegant and evergreen options. Real marble sheets come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs, they are incredibly appealing and hence quite popular among homeowners. But what if I told you that you could purchase all of it for ten times less money? Yes, artificial marble slabs do come in a variety of colors and designs, and they all have the same marble-like finish. There are many shades of whites, grays, and brown with various textures like Silk Ivory, Urban accent, Aurora etc that have similar appearance to Statuario Marble, Mystery White Marble, and Carrara Marble and will undoubtedly produce a Luxurious Marble-like finish. 



Artificial Marble Slabs in Washroom

Unlike real marble slabs, these faux- marble slabs are incredibly simple to maintain. The real marble requires expensive resealing every few months to keep them from fading and from losing their smooth and shiny appearance. However, since the Faux marble slabs are composed of PVC, they are incredibly durable and require no upkeep costs. Simply wipe the sheets with a damped cloth as it does not have pores in it which makes it resistant to collect oil and dust inside it which makes it perfect for both residential and commercial applications. 


Where can you get these Artificial Marble Slabs?


Artificial Marble sheets for staircase wall


Look no further, InterioMasters is the destination you would want to head to for any wallcoverings needs. InterioMasters is a one stop shop for your artificial marble sheets, also called faux marble sheets or slabs in a price range approximately 10 times cheaper as of real marble. We constantly work to provide our customers a luxurious experience by introducing trendsetting and durable products. That’s the reason we have more than 12 design options you can choose from, in multiple color palettes ensuring a great fit for your interior.  With a saw or an exacto knife, these large sheets, measuring 4 by 8 feet, can be quickly cut to size and adhered to the walls. We also offer installation services in addition to this. You can take advantage of free consultations and on-site inspections with InterioMasters

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