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InterioMasters exemplifies prosperity of luxurious lifestyle over North America. Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada family-run InterioMaster’s legendary range of innovative and trendsetting products aspires to create an unforgettable experience – that really connects. The collection now includes sustainable 3D Bamboo Wall panels, expressive Faux-Leather panels, contemporary UV sheets, acclaimed vinyl murals and aesthetic Translucent resin sheets.  



Wall Panel Options That Will Make Any Room Pop!

Plant Fiber Wall Panels

The ultra modern ”Plant Fiber Wall Panel” Collection From InterioMasters came to life from plant fibres, eco-friendly and sustainable in every manner. Paintable, so paint with the Color close to your heart. The Plant Fiber Wall Panels are surprisingly light weight and easy to install.

Translucent Resin Sheets

InterioMasters’ Translucent Resin Sheet series tries to add an innovative modern look to a classic design. The infusion of organics with acrylic is a fabulous way of adding sophistication and glamour to the dull and boring glass partitions, staircase railings, walls etc. to radiate timeless elegance from every corner of your space.

Vinyl Wall Murals

InterioMasters elegant “Vinyl Wall Murals” strike a sweet spot of artisanal, stylish and luxe tradition of wallcoverings. This collection helps to bring style & sophistication for a modern everyday interior. The vinyl murals are not only appealing but also last longer than the normal wall murals and are much easier to clean.

Faux Leather Wall Panels

The beautifully superior 3D & 4D Faux Leather Panels transforms the outlook of where you reside. They not only adds an extra layer of luxury and style but also comfort and care. The leather panel series is fire retardant, helps in noise reduction, flexible, water proof. The Leather wall panels are surprisingly light weight and easy to install.

Artificial Marble Slabs​

InterioMasters Artificial Marble Slabs is a beautifully superior design with acoustic embellishments. This deep, rich panel will bring a sophisticated and elegant feel to any interior. This design is thoughtfully complemented with a lustrous effect in a mono-chromatic colorway for an on trend look.

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