Mind-Blowing Ideas for your next Dining Room Wall Décor Project 

3D panel for dining room wall

Dining room is a space where we love spending time with our loved ones but at the same time we use this space to serve our guests. So, it should be appealing enough for everyday use and also entertainment worthy. We often try putting trendy tables and chairs to make it look stunning , while that’s important but it might not be enough, to give your space a whole fresh look and the one which is a complete WOWser.

Since this room is most used, we can be a bit more experimental and try decorating our walls to give that extra kick. So, here are some ideas for your Dining Wall Dream Project that will embrace your wall in the way you intended with a look of what’s trending:

Paint your walls

While painting might seem like the easiest way for creating a statement wall, well – it’s not the most trending one. Adding one statement wall to your dining room completely transforms the space. Painting or repainting your dining room statement wall will instantly revive those dull walls. You may be creative when painting your walls by incorporating vibrant colors to give your room that extra pop and make it appear livelier and brighter. 

Dining room wall decor


3D Wall Panels 

  • The 3D Plant Fiber Wall Panel Collection: This collection is one of the best options considering the environment, these panels are made out of plant fibers which makes them sustainable and eco-friendly. These panels are modern, elegant and something that your dining room feature wall deserves. The panels are lightweight and even DIY friendly. Another best part is that these can be painted, so you are at ease to find the design that personifies you and paint it to any color of your choice.
Dining room wall


  • Faux-Leather Wall Panels: When it comes to the dining room accent wall, installing our faux-leather panels is also a fantastic choice to make. Faux-Leather wall panels from InterioMasters 3D Wall Panel Collection have excellent acoustic and sound-dampening qualities that will be perfect for your family & friends gatherings because it will absorb all the high frequency noises and lead to an enhanced interior. This collection is perfect if you are looking for something unique and aesthetically appealing in terms of the design.

Dining room wall decor



Wallpapers have come a long way with new designs, patterns coming every day. You can always find a pattern that goes with the theme of your space, whether you are looking for subtle plain textures or something vibrant or more dramatic, InterioMasters have the perfect wallpaper for your dining room wall décor project. When it comes to wallpaper, there are various types of wallpaper to take into consideration, including vinyl, grass cloth, and peel-and-stick. To see wallpaper designs visit interiomasters.

Dining room feature wall


Wall Murals

Not every wall decor can be completely personalized to design your blank wall. However, InterioMasters’ customizable wall murals are something that can be totally customized from its size to the print on it. Whether going for something with a vintage look, a theme close to your heart or getting your personal gallery printed. The seamless nature of the customizable wall murals gives them the appearance of fine wall art and creates a 3D effect, as a result of the amazing texture and depth of the vinyl.

Dining room wall decor



Wainscoting was once intended to keep a room warm, but today it is a fashion statement. Wainscoting may be simply installed everywhere, not just on the wall of your dining room, and it can easily create that dramatic effect that will give your area a contemporary and new appearance. Wainscoting may be done in a variety of ways. You can either cover the entire wall or just half the length of the wall. Thanks to these wooden strips, that will make your wall look refreshingly modern and you may even paint it to match your sleek furnishings. If you’re looking for something simple, it’s ideal. You might choose reverse wainscoting as another excellent way to give your room a touch of refinement.

Dining room wall decor


Mirrors & Modern Art

Consider creating a focal point just above the dining table. Try using different-sized frames with your favorite photos and an abstract. This combination will provide a playful accent to your walls. When talking about transformation we can not forget modern art as it is the easiest way to style your walls in no time and playing with it to decorate your walls will definitely be eye catching. If you have a limited space, adding a mirror to the wall decor of your dining room might be a good option to enhance the beauty of the space because the mirror reflects light and gives the impression of a larger space. For visual balance, you can place several mirrors in one room. You can also choose mirrors of various sizes and forms, including round, rectangular, and square.

Dining room wall decor


Marble finish look

Nothing looks more luxurious and useful when adorning a wall than a lovely marble slab. Marble today is being used in a lot of residential and commercial spaces, it is quite difficult to install these hefty slabs on a wall. However, what if I told you that you could have the same marble finish for considerably less money and less weight/burden on the drywall? You can get the marble finish look that you want at InterioMasters by purchasing artificial marble slabs. These marble slabs with a high gloss finish and easy maintenance qualities are substantially lighter in weight, which makes it perfect for installation on walls. They also have fire retardant and waterproof properties. The tile wall is an additional option as it adds pattern while maintaining a simple appearance.

Dining room wall decor

There are many options available when it comes to dining room wall décor, but before making any purchases for your room, it is better to ensure that the decor blends in with the rest of your interior because if it doesn’t, it might turn out to be a disaster rather than a statement wall. Don’t Worry, InterioMasters is here to assist you with your upcoming wall decor. Get in touch with our Product & Style specialist to discuss your options and give your dining area a whole new look.

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