The Game-changer : Customized Vinyl Wall Murals for all Commercial or Residential Feature Walls

Wall Murals for feature Walls

A mural could be described as an artwork that is installed to your wall(s) or ceiling to help build a theme. Wall murals have always been used to create accent walls. However, Wall Murals have evolved with time and now have become a significant part of interior decoration for all sorts of places. These can be printed on a variety of materials and it’s wonderful to know that you can have any theme or picture custom printed to your wall size to give your space additional depth. In essence, individualized wall murals are a remarkable synthesis of your concepts and architectural design. Wall murals are an improved version of wallpaper as with wall murals you can choose a design, pattern or theme that gives vision to your ideas. Wall Murals are a canvas to your thoughts as you can personify what you like or tell your story as a piece of art. Your design options are virtually endless, and even though the printing quality does not seem any less than that of a hand-painting, the cost is significantly lower. 

Where It can Be Installed



Wall Murals for feature wall

 You can install these wall murals anywhere on your walls and ceilings to create a theme for your space. They are perfect for both commercial and residential applications. These can be installed in multiple areas which is a great way to bind everything together. It is the ideal option to update your area, whether it be residential or commercial, in a distinctive fashion that represents you. These are yet another option, to improve your branding and provide an inviting space for both your team and your clients. Installing a custom printed wall mural in your favorite room will undoubtedly make you feel at home.

 Commercial Spaces


Wall Murals for office spaces


 Highlighting your business space by installing these amazing customized Vinyl Wall Murals will definitely help you draw the attention of your customers. A beautifully wrapped wall portraying your business story and values is much more impactful than just having a blank state. Every time a customer enters your commercial space the ambience of the space has a tremendous impact on their buying behavior. Hence creating an attractive bold wall narrating your brand story can turn the ordinary surface into a great marketing tool. Companies with multiple locations can get an identical wall mural at all locations to establish a strong brand identity. These are much more than a wallpaper, get personalized printed wall murals that creates an amazing blend of your brand theory with modern designs that speaks for itself. You can style your Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Offices, Board rooms, Retail stores and much more without being constrained by the designs, colors & sizes, as this is customizable in all ways.


Residential Spaces


Wall Murals for feature walls

While choosing all these wall decors, we frequently feel certain limitations, such as those of the designs, colors, size, texture, and finishing’s, while in a search of looking for that extra something to make your walls look unique and more appealing, we end up getting expensive wall arts and mirrors, which doesn’t stand the test of time with the rapid changes in design and fashion. You may build Walls that Personify you with these custom printed wall murals, in a theme or style close to your heart. You can add plenty of eye-catching features to different areas of your space like living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, media, bar or recreation rooms and even washrooms as these are completely waterproof and can take your wall décor to the next level.  Since any image can be printed on these wall murals like lakes, cities, mountains, sunsets, bars, movie stars and even your own personal picture – you name it. Customized wall decor reflect a great opportunity for you to transform your walls that personifies you. You can get creative with this mind blowing fusion of art & technology. Rather than getting a plain wallpaper, visit a company who can help you get your personalized wall murals. InterioMasters frequently offers distinctive high quality goods, allowing you to use your imagination without constraint and create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and friends while protecting your walls in style.

Why InterioMasters Vinyl Wall Murals?

InterioMasters’ Vinyl Wall Mural Collection is a game-changer in the world of wallcoverings. One of our key specialties is that all our wall murals are printed on heavy-duty textured and water-resistant Vinyl material, the texture of the Vinyl gives an incredible three-dimension to your wall covering which makes its finish look like it’s hand painted. Secondly, these murals are made entirely seamless with no or minimal joints or seams in the middle which even enhances the look of the material.

These Vinyl Wall Murals comes in a roll and are installed with heavy-duty Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive, the wallpaper is a bit technical to install, however InterioMasters Team provide detailed step-by-step instructions and also a professional and experienced Installation Team if you would like to get professional assistance for a flawless installation

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