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Artificial Marble Slabs By  InterioMasters

Redefine Luxury

Our Artificial Marble Slabs collection is a rich, elegant, luxurious and affordable option for your interior decor needs.

Our Artificial Marble Slabs are Perfect for:

Offices, Retail Stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Living Rooms, Bed Rooms, TV Backgrounds, Reception Walls, Recreation Rooms, Home Theatres, Meeting Rooms and Featured Walls.


No structural change to the wall required.

Affordable Alternative to marble, Light-weight & Lasting!

Nobody will believe it's not real marble!

Pattern Options That Will Make Any Space Pop!


InterioMasters “Thunderful” series of Artificial Marble Slabs incorporates intricate detailing that embraces elegance & power with industrial bold defiant design giving this contemporary design a lavish look.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Swiss Ivory

InterioMasters Artificial Marble Slabs “Swiss Ivory” is a revolutionizing design that embraces simplicity, sophistication & style in every sense. Developed from a cool light color palette adds a sleek look to your walls.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Mighty Cloud

InterioMasters “Mighty Cloud” series of Artificial Marble Slabs is a blend of sophisticated beauty in every sense. This formation is the perfect example of artistic attraction to intensify your wall decor.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Chalky Net

The innocent “Chalky Net” Artificial Marble Slabs series creates a real design statement as a feature wall. Marrying the old and new, in a modern style creating a simple, beautiful and sophisticated look.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Concrete Bliss

InterioMasters “Concrete Bliss” series from Artificial Marble Slabs Collection is a minimalist sleek pattern in a glossy marble finish curated with elegance to portray a subtle modern look.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Urban Accent

InterioMasters “Urban Accent” series from the Artificial Marble Slabs Collection is delightfully simple yet excellent classic pattern, lets you take a fresh lease on life. The versatile white & grey component gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of transforming the space.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft


InterioMasters “HoneyComb” series from the Artificial Marble Slabs Collection offers a statement of gold in a luxurious metallic appearance. This pattern embraces the combination of a classic design with a modern touch. The modern highlighted metallic creates an amazing pattern.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

White Gold

InterioMasters Artificial Marble Slabs “White Gold” is an entirely new look for the season, with the perfect blend of accent metallic gold and ivory highlights which makes every place your own.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Neutral Stripes

InterioMasters Artificial Marble Slabs “Neutral Stripes” gives life to a chic background highlighted with neutral stripes. It embraces the art of fine living to give your vision a new life.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Hazel Foam

The InterioMasters “Hazel Foam” Artificial Marble Slabs series is a journey from simple to sumptuous, it adds a foamy white and hazel texture to your walls. It opens up a world of possibilities with its versatile & sophisticated appearance.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft


InterioMasters Artificial Marble Slabs “Bronzite” is a beautifully superior design with acoustic embellishments. This deep, rich panel will bring a sophisticated and elegant feel to any interior.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Smoky Hue

InterioMasters “Smoky Hue” series from the Artificial Marble Slabs Collection adds a whole new dimension to the space with its trendsetter sophisticated look. This pattern promotes the idea of simplicity at its best. This series portrays the journey of being subtle and cozy.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft


InterioMasters “Aurora” series from the Artificial Marble Slabs Collection adds the perfect bold & dramatic glamor to your space which will offer a rich soothing impact all year round.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Silk Ivory

InterioMasters “Silk Ivory” series from Artificial Marble Slabs  Collection radiates endless elegance in every corner of your space. This design has been created to reflect the modern palette to embrace life in your space. It adds a cool and contemporary effect to your space that really connects.

Sheet Size: 4 ft by 8 ft

Frequently Asked Questions

The Artificial Marble Slabs are designed to flaunt your interior space. These sheets could not be installed for exterior applications.

There isn’t any specific wall prep needed, you don’t need to make any structural changes to the wall. All we need is a flat wall surface, this could be installed on a previously tiled or a slightly bumpy surface. You can get in touch with one of our team members to discuss further details.
Each sheet is 4 ft by 8 ft in size and all the designs are in stock. That means, absolutely no waiting times. 
Yes, the marble sheets are super easy to maintain, these are splash-proof and easy to clean.
Yes, InterioMasters has an in-house installation team to provide top-tier professional installation services at a time that works with your schedule.
InterioMasters offers both on-site consultations at the comfort of your project site or you can stop by our office to check out the samples of our collection.

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