5 Technical Details not to miss out, for your next wallpaper Installation Project!

Wallpaper for accent wall

Wallpapers are the statement to your interior and people love decorating their walls with different wallpapers as it opens up many opportunities to get the look which personifies them which often times cannot be accomplished by paint. Different types of wallpapers add character and instantly make the room look more aesthetically appealing but to prevent these wallpapers from getting chipped or stripped, these need to be installed professionally for it to last forever in a residential or commercial space. 

The benefits of DIY are saving labor and money that an expert will charge but installing wallpapers yourself can be a challenge on it’s own because of its technicalities and the costs associated with it. 

Here are some things you would not like to miss out on for your next wallpaper installation project

 Measuring your wall

In order to get a wallpaper we need to know the exact size of the wall which helps us to identify how much wallpaper is required. Measuring walls can turn out to be a really complicated step especially when you have windows, floating shelves, electrical outlets, cupboards and other fixtures on the walls. While taking the measurement you should know how much extra of the wallpaper you might need so that it is not less after all the cuttings and it covers all the corners of the wall.


  Calculating the number of required wallpaper rolls


When estimating the number of required rolls for your wallpaper installation project, it is important to consider the usual wastage and wastage because of the pattern match. Installing wallpapers leads to some wastage because these comes in different patterns and designs, usually bolder and big patterns have higher pattern match wastage than compared to plain textures and small prints. It is important to check the exact pattern match dimensions in order to calculate the right number of rolls required for your accent wall project in order to get a seamless and flawless end result. This step is even more important when you are planning to design your wall by combining two different wallpaper styles as you would never want to order too much or too less.


 Wallpaper Cutting

Installation of wallpaper

Wallpaper rolls needs to be cut to the desired wall size before putting it onto the walls, so gently unroll the wallpaper and with measuring tape put marks on the wallpaper where it needs to be cut, considering the pattern match for every length after the first one. It is very important that the wallpaper is accurately cut as it seems really easy when we think of cutting or trimming it but can turn out to be tricky step depending on wall, wallpaper pattern and if there are any wall fixtures. Certain tools are required to get clean cuts of the wallpaper like scissors or utility knives depending on the type of the wallpaper. Sometimes a slight wrong cut can tear the wallpaper especially when you are installing a pre-glued, peel and stick or paper-based/backed wallpaper.


 Applying Glue

Wallpaper installation

There are several types of adhesives available in the market depending upon the type of your wallpaper especially if it’s Vinyl based wallpaper, non-woven, silk, fabric wallpaper. Choosing the right glue for your wallpaper is a really important step. Use a brush or a roller to evenly apply the glue on the wallpaper.  The wallpaper may not stick properly or start to peel off easily if you put a low quality or wrong wallpaper glue. This step can be messy so make sure that the floor should be covered with a waterproof floor protector. 


Applying wallpaper on wall

Wallpaper installation

After Brushing the adhesive on wallpaper, fastidiously start sticking the wallpaper to the wall while pressing it and making sure that it’s even throughout. If the wallpaper is not properly pressed with the cloth and smoothened by a smoothing tool you may end up having creases or bubbles in the wallpaper. Applying the second strip can be trickier as you need to match the pattern without overlaying it on the first one otherwise you would need to remove it and put it again which can be really time consuming.


 How InterioMasters Can Help?

Putting wallpapers can be really difficult especially for the first timers and DIY mistakes can prove to be costly. It is advised to get this job done with a professional installer to get the perfect results and you will realize it is time and cost effective in the long run. 

Luckily! Team InterioMasters is here to help you with your next wallpaper installation project. Whether it is measuring your walls, calculating the right number of rolls or installing the wallpaper perfectly by cutting and finding the right type of glue, you got us to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to offer our customers premium quality professional wallpaper and wall-panel installation services at competitive prices with 100% satisfaction guaranteed whilst providing the utmost care and attention to our consumers by understanding their needs and then offering our services. Our team of professional installers bring all the required items along with them such as glue, Waterproof floor covering, Blades, scissors and knives and also equipment for the high ceiling walls and their professionalism will be guaranteed. 


Time & Cost of Installation

The time and cost depends on the size, number of walls that needs to be covered, type of wallpaper (paper, non-woven, vinyl or others). Generally it takes just a few hours to install one accent wall for your space or more depending upon the scope of the work and the area that needs to be covered. Some installation jobs can be more time consuming than others. The cost depends on its material, if it is regular paper-based material, vinyl, non-woven backed, grass cloth,  paper backed which usually varies between $2-$5/sq. Ft. Our team of professionals would be able to quote you for the job specifically according to your needs and provide you the timeline as well 🙂


What you Can Expect from InterioMasters

InterioMasters deals in high quality wallpapers  and provides professional installation services for both commercial and residential projects, walls or ceilings. InterioMasters believes that no job is too small or too big for us. We strive to transform our client’s spaces in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and all across Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and British Columbia . We have different wallpaper materials like Vinyl, Non-woven, Easy-walls and Grass cloth which are really durable and come in different patterns and designs to glam up your space. 

We do provide on-site consultations for sample viewings, product recommendations depending upon your interior and for measurements/quotes.

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