Do Acoustic Wall Panels actually Work? How & Where?

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In short, yes! Well-designed acoustic wall panels do what they are designed to do. Do you have sound concerns that cannot be ignored? Or, are you unable to enjoy your home theater because of the unwanted sounds and vibration? Is your place of work too noisy for both you and your clients? Do you want to enhance privacy for your meetings? Are you frustrated because despite the countless searches online, you can’t manage to find acoustic paneling that is aesthetically pleasing?

You have found your solution; InterioMasters Acoustic Faux Leather panels are the right tool for all your sound dampening concerns. These decorative acoustic wall panels will help reduce the unwanted reflected sound in any room of your home, office and many more spaces, and it works reasonably well with the mid and high frequencies. We understand that our mind is constantly flooded with numerous thoughts while considering acoustics, like What exactly are acoustics panels? How can they help with sound absorption? Where can we install these? Will they look nice or not? So, this blog will put your mind at ease as you can explore the answers to your questions.

What are Acoustic Wall Panels?

Acoustic Wall Panels can be called by different names, acoustical wall treatments, sound absorption wall panels, sound dampening wall panels, acoustical wall solutions and acoustic boards and many more; however, the idea remains the same. Acoustic Wall Panels are the answer to all your noise and sound-related concerns. These panels are the ultimate solution to help you by dampening the unwanted sound and noise in your interior. Depending on the type of acoustic wall solution, these panels form a high-density foam interlayer that dampens the sound propagation series and helps them stabilize. These Acoustic Sound absorbing wall panels automatically eliminate unwanted sound and vibration because of their unique geometrical designs, which act as a funnel for the sound. 


How do Acoustical Wall Solutions work & help in sound absorption?

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So, under normal circumstances, sound released in the environment travels until it meets the resistance, and these panels because of its Three-Dimensions work as a resistance to that sound, when the sound waves hit different parts of the panel. So, the question here arises about how it absorbs the sound? The simple answer is because of the high-density memory foam infused between the layers of the Faux-Leather Fabric. So, in a wall without acoustic panels, the sound waves bounce back and forth between the two opposing walls repetitively, often leading to uncomfortable and disturbing vibrations within the space or echoing. So, once the sound finds the acoustic panels, it gets absorbed and reduces echoes and standing waves significantly, increasing the sound’s clarity and reducing the noise mitigation. 


Where to use the Acoustic Wall Panels?

These Decorative sound absorption wall panels can be installed in residential and commercial spaces like theater rooms, Auditoriums, board rooms, libraries or any high ceiling spaces, which usually have echoing-related concerns. These acoustic panels improve the experience of your space by reducing the number of sound waves reflected off the walls and making it feel more like yours.. Even a few panels work wonders if you install them correctly by positioning them at the right spot. You must position the acoustic panels in the spots where most sound is bouncing. These panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the space and the size of the wall. Our team of experts would be thrilled to discuss your acoustical concerns with you and help curate the best solution for your needs.


Why Choose InterioMasters Acoustical Wall Panels over others?


Until recently, people were confined to utilitarian panels that didn’t do much for the décor. InterioMasters came up with the perfect combination of design and acoustics. Our interior Designer Partners call our Faux-Leather Wall Panels, the future of sound absorption. Our collection is nothing but all about the fusion of “Acoustics & Design”. The Faux Leather Wall panels come in different colors and design options to compliment your interior and make your walls appealing. These panels come in neutral colors, which give subtle yet luxurious finishing to your walls. InterioMasters believe that Acoustics doesn’t always mean dull and boring, with us it could also mean Luxurious and Subtle.



Installing thick boards on the wall does not mean that the wall needs to be boring. We believe that less is more and want our clients to be limitless with their imagination. That’s the reason InterioMasters came up with a new generation of Acoustic Wall Panels. With these attractive Faux-Leather panels, you can lower the noise with style, let the panels become the focus and create your accent wall in no time. Our team here at InterioMasters is ready to help you with all your needs, so schedule an in-person or on-call consultation with our Product Specialists today.

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