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Leather Wall Panel - IM-1905

This luxe “IM-1905” Leather Wall Panel series from a cool light color palette gives an absolutely sleek look to your walls.

These simple and stylish series, pulls together a sophisticated overall effect.

Colors Available: (only for leather wall panels)
Most Colors displayed in the pictures above are available. Please contact for future information on availability of colors.

Size: IM1905 - 60*60 cm

Applications: Living room, Bedroom, ceilings, TV background, fireplaces, home theatre, recreation or gaming rooms, ceiling, office spaces, meeting rooms, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, featured walls.
The beautifully superior 3D & 4D Leather Panels transforms the outlook of where you reside. They not only adds an extra layer of luxury and style but also comfort and care. The leather panel series is fire retardant, helps in noise reduction, flexible, water proof. The Leather wall panels are surprisingly light weight and easy to install.