Breathtaking Artificial Marble Slabs for commercial applications

Artificial Marble slabs for commercial spaces

Artificial Marble slabs have emerged as a groundbreaking product, reshaping the very essence of interior decor in today’s era of design landscape. These slabs offer the beauty of natural marble while proving durability, customization options and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to its exceptional properties, these marble slabs find extensive applications within the commercial sector. Thus, provides business owners with significant cost savings on wall decoration, repair and maintenance. In this blog, we will discuss the unique features of Artificial marble sheets in the context of commercial applications.

Endless Design Options

Artificial Marble Slabs for Commercial applications

Artificial marble slabs are available in a variety of designs & colours from darkest to lightest and from biggest to smallest patterns. These slabs would not hassle the existing decor of any commercial space such as Restaurants, Offices or any Studio. Instead, they can be easily blended with your existing color scheme giving a flawless appearance to the entire wall.

InterioMasters offers a variety of design options in Artificial marble sheets which would make your commercial space even more attractive and stand out at the same time. We carry over 15 designs of Artificial marble slabs available in black, gray, white and many more colours to match with your preferences, whether you want unique combinations or intricate patterns. You can design these sheets with our other wallcoverings such as Vinyl Wallpaper, Faux Leather Panels or Slat Wall panels to give your restaurant or salon a charming & elegant look.

Versatile Applications

Artificial Marble Slabs for commercial spaces

Artificial Marble Slabs are suitable for different commercial spaces including offices, restaurants and cafes. These can be installed on reception desks in offices, washrooms, and entrance walls and can even go well with take-out or dining area walls and kitchen backsplashes in restaurants and cafes. Also, these slabs can be used to design a feature wall in personal as well as other offices, or even in studios and salons.

InterioMasters’ Artificial Marble Sheets have been used by many businesses as our collection incorporates decorative pieces due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal, creating a more appealing shopping experience. We offer our clients different designs and colours that would effortlessly blend with their interior theme and decor, whether the theme is darker or lighter, we have innumerable options to choose from.

Symphony of Elegance and Charm

Artificial Marble Slabs

Artificial  Marble Slabs compose a visual masterpiece, where the enduring allure of natural marble meets the practicality demanded by businesses. From hotel lobbies to chic restaurant interiors, these slabs elevate the ambiance, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and charm. The ease of maintenance ensures that this symphony of elegance remains pristine, even if there is a high-traffic area. These Artificial Marble Sheets play the role of versatile applications, effortlessly melding beauty, functionality and endurance, creating spaces that are nothing short of captivating.

InterioMasters offers a wide range of colours and design options to choose from, businesses can orchestrate unique design compositions that leave a lasting impression on patrons. Our collection has become the backdrop for high-end products, enhancing business opportunities by adding an air of exclusivity.


Artificial Marble Slabs for Salon

Artificial Marble Slabs are designed to replace the original marble, as these slabs offer the features, looks and feel of natural marble at a price which is way cheaper than the original marble. These sheets come in a bigger size as opposed to tiles, which leaves those eye-bothering grouts everywhere. Also, Artificial Marble Sheets weigh only 15 to 16 kg but are still highly durable and lasting material for any of your commercial projects.

InteioMasters thrives to provide their customers with high-quality products at affordable prices and our collection of Artificial Marble Slabs is also available at prices that can fit your budget. Our team can assure you with everything that you want. You can visit our office and we will offer you the best prices for your upcoming commercial projects.

Durability of Artificial Marble Slabs

Artificial Marble Slabs for commercial spaces

Artificial Marble slabs are engineered to withstand wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for surfaces like reception desks, washrooms or staircase walls. These slabs are made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), providing a long-term solution for commercial settings as PVC can last for many years.

InterioMasters’ collection of Artificial Marble Sheets is suitable for any of your renovation or brand-new projects, whether it is a restaurant, office or any other commercial space without compromising with the looks & feel of original marble and even with your existing decor.

Effortless Maintenance

Artificial Marble sheets for living room wall

Cleaning Artificial Marble Slabs is not a big task and these are relatively low maintenance. These only need simple cleaning with mild soap and water in order to maintain their appearance. Furthermore, these slabs are an excellent choice if you are in the restaurant or cafe business, as these slabs are highly resistant to stains. This means that spilled liquids such as wine, coffee, or oils are less likely to penetrate and leave marks on the sheets. If something is dropped on the sheets or if there are hand stains, they can be easily cleaned up using mild soap or detergents and water in order to maintain the appearance of the wall.

InterioMasters’ collection of Artificial Marble Slabs offers these qualities of low maintenance. Thus, making it easier for you to clean and maintain your interior space whether it is an office or any other commercial place.


In conclusion, choosing the right materials for your interior in offices, restaurants, salons or cafes can be a difficult task, but InterioMasters’ Artificial Marble Slabs can be easily installed in your boardroom walls, reception desks, kitchen backsplashes, washrooms or any other space that needs artwork. These slabs successfully bridge the gap between natural marble and the practical demands of modern living. These slabs will continue to be a key player in the ever-evolving world of interior design, enriching your commercial projects with their enduring grace and sophistication. Contact us today for a site consultation and let us bring your vision into reality.

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