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  • Acrylic Translucent Resin Sheets

    InterioMasters’ Translucent Resin Sheet are a revolutionary design that embraces simplicity, sophistication and style infused in acrylic. Incorporate this design to embrace elegance & power to hose dull and boring glass partitions, staircase railings, walls etc. to radiate timeless elegance from every corner of your space.

  • PVC Marble slabs

    UV – PVC Marble Sheets

    The unique design of our UV – PVC Marble Sheets are the perfect fit for any wall of your work or living space and will change the outlook by adding depth and dimensions to your outlook.

  • Vinyl Wall Murals

    InterioMasters elegant “Vinyl Wall Murals” strike a sweet spot of artisanal, stylish and luxe tradition of wallcoverings. This collection helps to bring style & sophistication for a modern everyday interior. The vinyl murals are not only appealing but also last longer than the normal wall murals and are much easier to clean.