Plant Fiber Wall Panels Are The New Trend

When someone enters our home, the first thing that catches their attention is the interior of the house. It resonates with our personality and defines us as individuals in numerous ways. It is important to pay attention to the design and details of your home as this leaves a good impression on your family and other guests.  Whenever we consider decorating a wall, whether we are building or remodelling, we want to add something distinctive and eye-catching. There are countless ways to change your home and make it look more appealing, but 3D panels are one of the best options for doing so.

One of the biggest benefits of 3D wall panels is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of settings, from modern and minimalist to rustic and bohemian. They also come in a range of designs, and patterns, so you can choose the perfect panels to match your personal style and home decor. These wall panels are a new trend in home decor that adds a simple, sophisticated touch to any living space. These panels are made from natural plant fibers, specifically and are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wall coverings. Our timeless range of wall panels is perfect to keep your walls in trend.



Accent wall ideasBecause of its amazing capabilities to transform something ordinary into an exceptional work of art, panelling walls have had a special place in wall decor for quite some time. 3D wall panels are the simplest method of beautification. The embossed designs can brighten up any space of your home, including the living room, dining room, theatre, fireplace walls, and many more. These panels are also a wonderful way to add flair to your workplace. These Plant Fiber panels allow you to create a look that is both appealing and professional with a variety of designs. You can decorate your ceilings in addition to your walls as they are made of lightweight material. These panels take your needs into consideration and empower you to apply them in a variety of ways to give each space the fresh appearance it deserves.

You can anticipate much more from InterioMasters than just the patterns on the walls. Our 3D Plant fiber wall panels are not only environmentally sustainable but also paintable. The list does not end here, it also allows you to add a special touch to make your area appear cozier and more welcome. In addition to this, you may conceal wall imperfections, offer an additional layer of protection, and make the plain wall look much more impressive. 


Consideration before buying


3D panel for living area

Trends and style are something that keeps on changing and in this competitive market, there are so many companies selling these panels. If you’re considering incorporating plant fiber wall panels into your home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, make sure you buy panels from a dependable vendor because some less expensive selections are not as high-quality.
  • There are some panels made of plastic, that are not strong. Hence, check the material’s quality before using it because some materials start to crack when exposed to heat, making them unsuitable for your interior.
  • There are certain pre-painted panels that resemble high-quality ones in appearance, but after time, they develop cracks and their colours start to fade.
  • For a smoother appearance on the wall when decorating a curved wall, make sure the panels are a little flexible.



Why is it better than Wallpaper?


3D panel for accent wall



3D wall panels are the ideal wallpaper alternative, because of their texture and ability to produce striking visual effects. In addition, they come in a number of styles, from classic to modern, and you can create different patterns on the wall with the same design, adding character or aesthetic appeal to a space. You can also paint them in any colour of your choice and entirely alter the appearance of your wall and turn it into a magnificent work of art. The high-quality, strong material used to make 3D wall panels gives them durability and serves as a wall defender. Wall faults like cracks, scrapes, dents, or other issues that wallpapers cannot cover can be easily concealed with our 3D Plant Fiber collection.








3D panel for dining area


3D panels are simple to install in contrast to wallpaper. These panels have a common size and may be quickly and simply glued to the walls. Wallpaper comes in large rolls that must be cut into sheets to fit your wall size, which complicates the procedure because a poor cut might cause the wallpaper to break and create a major mess. Because of this, people employ a group of experts to carry out that task, but with 3D panels, this is not the case. These panels are 20 inches by 20 inches in dimension, making them simple to handle and install with the help of basic equipment. 

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InterioMasters is a trendsetter in the world of wallcoverings. We deal in diverse wall-covering options. Our 3D Plant fiber wall panels range has gained enormous popularity and is now a customer favorite. These panels are eco-friendly and paintable and we offer more than 12 design alternatives in this category that are ideal for creating a livable and luxurious interior. These panels are thoughtfully designed to complement your interior and leave an everlasting impression on everyone who experiences it.