Is Wallpaper the only way to go for Wall Decor? Introducing the New Era of Wallcoverings.

3D panel for accent wall

Everybody loves beautifully decorated homes, but we know that money can be a limited resource, and it’s elementary to start thinking about budget and time consumption. But we are here to prove that wrong with a promise that our products won’t break your bank! We harbor a vast collection of designs that give the transformation which you don’t want to miss and create accent walls that personify you.

InterioMasters shows the affluent lifestyle across North America. InterioMasters’ iconic collection of innovative and trendsetting products, based in picturesque British Columbia, Canada, pledges to deliver an unforgettable experience – that truly connects. Sustainable 3D Plant Fiber Wall panels, dignified Faux Leather Wall panels, meticulous Artificial Marble Slabs, sophisticated Customizable Vinyl Wall Murals and flawless Versace Wallpapers are now part of the collection.

We take pride in offering the following different categories of signature wallcoverings:


Faux-Leather Panels

Accents walls for theater room

Our Interior Designer Partners love to define our Faux-Leather Wall Panel Collection as the “Future of Design and Sound Dampening” .An untreated wall always seems like a missed opportunity but on the other hand a good accent wall creates a focal point for your residential or commercial space, adds dimension and make your walls look stunning. InterioMasters’ Faux Leather Wall Panel Collection is a game changer in the world of modern day wallcoverings. These exquisitely superior 3D and 4D panels add an extra layer of luxury, comfort and design to your precious walls. These are made from artificial leather which adds an amazing aesthetic appeal to a space. Stuffed in memory foam gives an amazing 3D effect and also helps in acoustic and noise cancellation which makes it a perfect fit for anywhere from living rooms, bedrooms to office spaces, recreation rooms, and any high ceiling and large spaces.


3D Plant Fiber Collection

Accent walls for staircase wall

The days of dull and dreary spaces are long gone and when we talk about trends with sustainability nothing beats our 3D Plant Fiber wall panel collection. Our 3D Plant Fiber Wall Panel Collection is sourced through sustainable and eco-friendly plant fibers. These DIY-friendly 3D wall panels are easy-to-install panels that will completely transform your blank slate into a timelessly sophisticated room you want to be in. These panels are paintable in any color of your choice to evoke that welcoming and relaxing ambience and buy you a whole lot of compliments from your friends and family. 


 Artificial Marble Slabs

Accent wall for living room


Marble never goes out of trend! However, the weight to get and install them can become overwhelming. Well! Our clients are not at all bothered, because of our Artificial Marble Slabs collection. These sheets are 4’x8′ in size, 3mm thick, high gloss sheets made of PVC with UV coated marble finish on top is the best alternative to real and expensive marble. It can be installed anywhere because of its amazing features and always gives that crisp and clean appeal. These sheets are fire retardant, water-resistant and lightweight, which means you can just stick it to the wall with the help of glue and you cannot ask for a better material which requires no structural changes and can be easily maintained.


Vinyl Wall Murals

With today’s tremendous options, the choice of designer wallpapers prominently influences the overall decorative themes. We have everything you need to put in your home or office. These high-quality vinyl murals are customized into any size, making it entirely seamless while also creating a perfect environment to relax at your home and increase your productivity. It creates an aesthetically pleasing environment at your workplace because it’s more than just wallpaper. These waterproof and easy to clean murals won’t limit your choice and can be customized into any picture, design, or theme.


 We carry the premium and flawless Versace Wallpaper collection made on vinyl material that has everything for everyone from the kitchen to the washroom and living room to the bedroom. Of course, these wallpaper designs will add rhythm and movement to the bland walls for any commercial projects. The Versace Wallpaper range carries an extensive a bold range of patterns along with subtle textures to soothe any space. These can be installed anywhere and add contrast to your space to give that classic look.


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Be part of Luxury with InterioMasters. We are the One-Stop-Shop that comes up with a new definition of designs for every budget bringing luxury to your doorstep most affordably and swiftly possible. Discover our astonishing and strikingly modern range of Wallcovering to glam up your space.


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InterioMasters also provides installation services for all the products we offer.

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