Alternatives to Wallpaper for your next Home Decor Project

Are you remodeling or building your home? Do you think that wallpaper is the only option? Introducing the potential alternatives to Wallpaper for your next Home Decor Project because we believe that your home is conceived as an expression of your personality. Still, when you want to add texture and visual interest to a room, you have to ask yourself how far you want to go and how to get the most bang for your buck. Decorative materials are indispensable materials in modern society, but while creating the feature walls, we face the challenge of dealing with four flat walls in an empty room. Choosing wallpaper of different designs can be fun but the results can be fairly ordinary. Wallpapers can highlight imperfections as they won’t lie smooth and putting it can be a huge hassle. InterioMasters’ environmentally friendly and durable products create accent walls that bring a whole new level of interest to flat spaces, it stimulates the senses and brings depth to your space.

“Our Motive is to design a visually appealing room” 

3D Plant Fiber

3D Wall panel for Feature Wall - alternatives to wallpapers Our 3D wall panels from our bamboo plant fiber collection has been enjoying a special place in the decorating regimen for a long time, and it has been in great demand due to its excellent ability to add to the décor of any place. With these panels, you can enhance the charm of your private and business space with minimal effort. These environmentally friendly 3D panels became the prime pick by the house owners, architects and the designers for their new constructions or refurbishing the old ones. The designs are the right remix of the contemporary designs to make your private and office spaces warm and welcoming.


 Artificial Marble Slabs


3D panel for bedroom accent wallFaux Leather panels are an absolute stunner! These amazing 4D&3D wall panels are designed to unleash your imagination and help you achieve your creative goals. It has acoustic qualities which make them reasonably free from intruding noise and vibrations and makes them a perfect fit for your offices, theater rooms etc. Its neutral tones of gray, white, brown and cream can create a sterile environment and foster a sense of boredom and monotony.

“ The key is to create an effective look by combining practicality with good aesthetics.”


Wall Decals 

When we think of putting something on our walls, the first thing we look for is durability. It is essential to consider when you want the wall decor to be long-lasting. These easily removable wall decals come in different designs which will brighten up your spaces and when it comes to the cost, it is more economical to decorate homes with stickers. This is a handy option for the beautification of the interior as well as the exterior walls. If you live in a space-starved rental, you can adhere to budgeting constraints and can simultaneously make changes to your feature walls without repeating the same pattern. Wall decals are a designing marvel and provide an ultimate decorating solution.


Wainscoting for your feature wall - alternatives to wallpaper

These decorating panels are the perfect treatment of the spaces that typically lack textures. Wainscoting is in trend as they are an ideal mix of classic, timeless and versatile designs. It always creates a gorgeous effect and can be done on the top, bottom or entire wall. Wainscoting is a great way to get the look without overwhelming the space. Despite making your walls look strikingly beautiful, it also insulates a room and provides a more durable surface as compared to wallpaper. 


“Efficiency is our top priority.” InterioMasters always goes above and beyond to deliver the best results as we make sure to deliver 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have the perfect alternatives of the wallpaper to let you go limitless with your imagination. If you have started dipping your toe into interior design waters and feel a little lost, don’t stress! Our team of professionals will be more than happy to assist you with your next home decor project by recommending the suitable product to turn your home or office into a mesmerizing ambience

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